The Federation of Calgary Communities, an agency which works closely with the City of Calgary and other business units, held a workshop to help residents navigate city services more efficiently on Tuesday night.

The information session, which was held at the Acadia Recreation Complex, was aimed at helping Calgarians become more familiar with lodging a complaint with Animal and Bylaw Services, public transit, as well as where to direct their questions to get the answers they’re looking for.

Officials say they are inundated with inquiries about how to navigate the system and the workshop is the best way to achieve that.

“We always get requests for information around how do I contact bylaw services if I have disgruntled neighbours or I have junk in my backyard. So, we’re offering this workshop to help inform residents,” says Stephanie Sokolowski with the Federation of Calgary Communities.

Further workshops will be held in collaboration with the Calgary Police, with the next focusing on child exploitation and cyber bullying.

You can register online at