LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. -- The death of 10-year-old Charles Mcintyre on April 13 hit the city of Lethbridge hard and caused some to step up with a new initiative to get motorists to slow down.

“Create a message that creates more awareness and to create just slower driving habits in neighbourhoods” said the organizer of the #SLOWYOURROLL initiative Chris DiPasquale. “The initiative started after young Charles was hit and struck by a car and tragically lost his life.”

Since many kids are out of class because of the pandemic, more are playing outside.  DiPasquale has helped distribute155 signs out in the community that say “KIDS AT PLAY”. The signs are meant to remind people to slow down in neighbourhoods. The signs cost $50. All the proceeds go towards feeding children who would normally be looked after by the school system.

“Many kids were using that program through schools to get healthy food and now again, not being in school, we’re just not sure  if kids are getting healthy foods,” said DiPasquale.

One of those gladly displaying their signs is Gord Schuerman.

“We have grandkids here. My neighbours have grandkids here. We just want people to slow down,” said Schuerman. “Realize these kids are out of school for about four months, maybe six. Just settle it down (when you're driving) in the neighbourhood, that’s all we’re asking.”

DiPasquale asked the City of Lethbridge for a grant of $5000 to help make the signs more accessible to residents who want them up in their neighbourhood. The cost will dropas a result of making another 165 signs available to the public.