The Calgary Parking Authority has settled a disagreement over the ownership of the Parkplus parking management system and plans to shop it to other markets around the world.

The ParkPlus System was introduced in the fall of 2007 and is probably the only fully-integrated parking management system in the world.

The system was developed and implemented by members of the management team at the Calgary Parking Authority.

Dale Fraser was the General Manager and Al Bazar was the assistant manager at the time and were members of that team.

Fraser and Bazar were let go and received a severance at the end of December 2011 but the legal wrangling over who owned the technology started last October.

The CPA acknowledged that Fraser and Bazar were valuable participants and contributors to the ParkPlus System and settled the dispute over ownership in a confidential agreement.

However, the parties did agree to disclosure of the following information:

  1. The Defendants, Dale Fraser, Allan Bazar and 1707626 Alberta Ltd., (now Intelli-Park Corporation) acknowledge that the City of Calgary and CPA are the exclusive owners of the ParkPlus System™ and that none of the Defendants has any right, title or interest whatsoever in the ParkPlus System™
  2. While the ParkPlus System™ is valuable and all necessary consideration for settlement is acknowledged, there is no payment by the City of Calgary or CPA of any money whatsoever to any of the Defendants or any other person
  3. The claims and counterclaims in the action will be wholly discontinued without costs
  4. The parties release each other from all claims and counterclaims in the action including any claims relating to the ParkPlus System™ or the employment of Dale Fraser and Allan Bazar with the City of Calgary and CPA.

The city and CPA will try to cash in on the patent rights and say they will initiate a request for proposals to commercialize the system by August 2013.