CALGARY -- Some aspects of life in Alberta will return as they were before public health officials announced a second lockdown in mid-December — but not all businesses can resume.

As of Monday, personal care businesses including salons, barber shops, aesthetic services and tattoo parlours can book clients for one-on-one appointments.

Wendy Belanger, owner of Influence Salon says she has spent hours each day since Thursday to re-book her guests that last appointment in December’s lockdown.

“I’ve never had people so happy to hear my voice, to know they get to come back in here, they get to see their stylist and they get to feel beautiful.”

Distilled Beauty Bar and Social House is excited to resume its beauty services, but is still restricted from provided dine-in service in the cafe.

“We don’t want anybody to get sick we want everything to be safe we have always had medical grade standards but we can’t just keep getting shut down and then reopening and being extended," said owner Lisa Maric. "The people that work for me have lives, they have families, they have bills to pay, I have bills to pay,” 

Restrictions for retail outlets and dine-in service at pubs and restaurants have not changed. Jason Kenney has said he would provide a week’s notice to allow for new inventory to be purchased and staff to be rehired.

The rules are also being eased for outdoor gatherings as 10 people may gather while keeping two metres apart but indoor gatherings are still not allowed.

Funeral receptions are still banned, but services with up to 20 people can happen with adherence to other public health rules.

Weddings with 10 guests, including the bride, groom and officiant are also permitted.

“If we continue to follow those basic public health measures in all of our activities, including these new activities that have opened up, we can continue to have a downward trend,” said Dr. Deena Hinshaw during a news briefing on Thursday.

“What we need to see is continuing reductions in hospitalizations and ICU with respect to the target of decreasing the impact on the health system.”