For this election, we have been talking to volunteers for the four main parties in each Calgary riding.

36-year old Rob Anders has been the MP for Calgary-West since 1997. Andrew Constantinidis supports Anders and the Conservatives because he has two concerns.

"I'm particularly concerned about crime and violent crime we've been having here in Calgary and I'm also worried about tax increases we would see under the Liberals."

He feels Harper's team is cracking down on crime.

"The Conservative party has been the strongest party in providing policies to deal with those including harsher sentences."

But there are those who feel Anders is a terrible MP, citing examples like his refusal to vote for honourary Canadian citizenship for Nelson Mandela.

Harvey Steblyk volunteers for the Liberal candidate, Jennifer Pollock.

"The initial decision came out of frustration and embarrassment and the ridiculousness of our current MP."

Pollock finished a distant second to Anders last time, but Steblyk feels she deserves to win.

"She is the best candidate we have. She'll fight for Calgary-West and the city and the province. She works really well in teams."

The Greens finished third in Calgary-West in 2006. Mark Hambridge is working hard to improve on that result for candidate Randy Weeks.

"I'm now putting effort into doing what I really want to do, and what I believe in, and that is to make sure the right people get elected."

Hambridge insists voting Green is the only way to advance democracy.

"In particular, the platform includes proportional representation so that all of our votes count, not just the first 40%."

Teale Phelps Bondaroff is the NDP candidate.

His campaign manager, Stephanie Ferguson believes volunteering is a great way to advance democracy.

"You can have such a chance to sway votes and opinions and talk about the issues."

She feels her chosen candidate and party will best deal with her number one issue.

"The NDP and Teale represent a fresh alternative and some great policies with regards to the environment."

But Anders' opponents face a tough battle. In spite of his controversial past, he took 59 per cent of the vote in 2006.

Two other people are also running in Calgary-West. Kirk Schmidt is an independent candidate and Andre Vachon is running for the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada.