The oldest technical college in Canada has reached an historic milestone and marked the occasion with a weekend of events,.

On Sunday, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) celebrated its 100th birthday with a party that included a grandiose cake.

The dessert stood nearly two metres high and was the result of the efforts of 70 culinary arts students who combined spent more than 1,200 hours on the project.

The cake honoured the technical school’s roots with depiction of early machinists and other skilled tradespeople.

“We thought let’s put people on the cake and make it look like they’re building the cake,” explained Rose Warden, a pastry chef instructor. “We have figures representing each school.”

Cathy Downey, the director of the SAIT Centennial Committee, says there’s a good chance you encounter SAIT graduates during everyday life.

“If you’re getting your teeth cleaned or at your accountant’s office or buying a car or buying a house,” said Downey of post-SAIT career paths. “85 per cent of our alumni live in the Calgary are, over 230,000 of them.”

When SAIT opened in 1916, the student body was 11 members strong. In 2016, more than 50,000 people have enrolled in at least one course.

SAIT's centennial celelbrations will conclude with Sunday evening fireworks.