Citing safety concerns, SAIT Polytechnic has decided to restrict student access to alcohol and many students are not pleased with the idea of limits.

According to SAIT officials, the change is being imposed to ensure students do not have too much to drink prior to working with dangerous there are issues it doesn't want students having too much to drink and then working with dangerous equipment.

“We're focusing on being proactive with the safety of our students and staff,” explains Melanie Simmons of SAIT Polytechnic.  “We are a very hands on educational facility and safety is important.”

Students will only be allowed two drinks before 3:00 p.m. and they'll be required to consume those drinks with food.  As well, shooters will not be served prior to 3:00 p.m.

The SAIT Students Association, which runs the Gateway pub on campus, is upset it wasn't consulted, given that the association stands to lose revenue which it uses to fund numerous programs for students.

“So things like free breakfasts,  Safewalk programs and good food hampers,” says Andrew Crossett, the SAIT Student Association Vice-President.  “All those services will be affected by a drop in revenue.”

Many students are upset with the move, calling it an erosion of their rights, while others say they understand the rationale behind the decision.