A late spring and soggy summer are starting to have an effect on businesses that rely on warm, sunny days to bring in visitors and revenue.

July has been a really good month for attractions like the Calgary Zoo and Calaway Park.

Both rely on good weather during the summer to bring visitors in but attendance numbers are affected when it rains. 

The zoo had 6000 visitors on the ground at one point on Monday but at the same time on Tuesday, with the rain, the number was more like 500.

The weather has such an impact on attendance that the zoo tracks the temperature and precipitation on a daily basis.

"We have about a decade's worth of data where we track precipitation temperature on a daily basis so we can compare and contrast our actual performance with historical performance. Certainly year to date we know it has been much colder and the snow never really disappeared, it was on the ground for the best part of four or five months and that has an impact and we can see that on some of our numbers," said Simon Scott, Calgary Zoo Spokesperson.

Overall attendance at Calaway Park is down 3 percent so far this year due to the cool wet spring.

July has been good for business so far and officials hope to gain some ground in August which is traditionally the busiest month at the park.