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Second day of smoke, extreme poor air quality affects those who can't avoid outdoors

For many Calgary residents, it can be tough to get the job done without being in the open air, which continues to be thick with harmful wildfire smoke.

It affects animals as much as humans, according to experts.

Project Landscaping is going ahead to install a front lawn and backyard patio at one of their worksites in Bowness - but the smoke is taking a toll on their timeline.

"There will definitely be a delay. We're hoping it moves on," said Scott Barkley, founder of Project Landscaping.

Until the smoke clears, his crews are working a slower pace, taking more frequent breaks, and wrapping up their work day in the early afternoon.

"We actually shut a crew down yesterday they had a little bit of breathing problems, so we shut that crew down," said Barkley.

His colleague says their clients have been flexible and understanding during the special air quality statement over Calgary.

"The guys quite often will be short notice unable to breathe because the conditions can change so dramatically so having customers that are willing to work with us it makes a really big difference" said project coordinator Ryan McAloon.

The Stampeders cancelled practice due to the smoky conditions

Pro athletes are also affected.

The Calgary Stampeders kept players off the field at McMahon Stadium for the second day in a row.

"Unless somehow it cleans out. We don't have access to any facilities that we thought we could get organized and have a productive practise at," said Stampeder head coach Dave Dickenson.


The animal kingdom is also used to spending time outside, prompting animal care experts at the Wilder Institute, Calgary Zoo to keep an extra close eye on all animals.

"(Especially various bird species, because) they have very efficient respiratory tracts and they'll be able to take that smoke a lot more efficiently than a mammal would," said Doug Whiteside, interim director of animal health and welfare and head veterinarian.

He later added, "We are also watching any of our young animals and our very old animals which may have compromised respiratory systems."

The animal kingdom is also used to spending time outside, prompting animal care experts at the Wilder Institute, Calgary Soo to keep an extra close eye on all animals.

Many pet owners have a four-legged friend than needs exercise and time to do their business outside, but the extremely poor air quality has officials from the Calgary Humane Society sharing a strict warning about how animals can struggle with the smoke.

"Keep walks really short. If you have a dog that is a little bit older or might have some health issues just keep them inside," said Lisa Olund, associate director of health services at the Calgary Humane Society.

Olund says short-snouted breeds like pugs and boxers especially should stay inside because of their short airways and existing breathing challenges.

She also says vigorous playing, or taking your dog to the off-leash dog park is also not recommended, as pets can also develop inflamed lungs by breathing in polluted air. Top Stories

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