A second person has died after a basement suite fire.

Colleen Mantei died in hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

Mantei's father tells CTV News his family is trying hard to deal with the tragedy.

On Wednesday, friends of Mantei's returned to the apartment to gather her belongings.

Once inside, they made a horrible discovery. "There were handprints all over the wall, like they were trying to get out," says Melissa Post.

The fire started early Monday morning in a basement suite in the 500 block of 33 Street N.W.  It caught on fire after a space heater was located too close to combustible material.

Sources tell CTV News there were security bars on some of the windows, they were screwed to the frames and in one of the bedrooms the bars were bent from the inside.

Investigators found only one smoke detector in the basement and say there is no evidence it contained a battery.

Firefighters rescued four people from the apartment. All were unconscious when they were pulled from the suite.

On Monday, 19-year-old Jonathan St. Pierre died from his injuries.

His mother says a memorial service will be held for him on Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Bonavista Evangelical Missionary Church, which is located at 1509 Lake Ontario Drive S.E.

The two other victims of the fire are receiving hyperbaric treatment in an Edmonton hospital.