It could be several days before some Calgary seniors are allowed back into their homes after a water main break forced them out on Thursday morning.

Crews were called to the Newport Harbour Care Centre on Country Village Cove N.E. at about 5:00 a.m. to check out reports of a major water main break.

The complex houses about 131 seniors and fire officials say about 45 suites were affected.

Crews evacuated 45 people from their units to the lobby until they could assess the situation.

“I went to bed in Calgary and I though I woke up in Venice,” said resident, Oscar Wilke.

Housing is being arranged for the affected residents.

“There's another slightly affected wing we're assessing now to see if we can put residents back in there. We’re working with the Calgary Management Agency as well as the owners and operators of the facility, through their emergency response plan that they had, to make sure that we can house all the people either here or at one of their back-up facilities,” said CFD Deputy Chief Ken Uzeluc.

The CFD says the heating system of the building was unaffected as the break was in the potable water system.