Lawyers on both sides began presenting their sentencing arguments in the trial for Calgary psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin on Wednesday.

The 11 person jury deliberated for four days before finding the 74-year-old doctor guility of sexually assaulting three of his patients during court-ordered visits.

He was acquitted on two additional charges and a mistrial was declared on four other charges against him.

Crown prosecutors say that the case wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for a brave man enlisting the use of a video spy watch during one of those sessions with Levin.

“For him to step forward and be the catalyst for stopping this kind of assault in a position of trust and power; as ironic as it sounds, I think we owe this man a debt of gratitude,” says Crown lawyer Bill Wister.

The Crown is looking for a six to eight year prison sentence but the defence is downplaying the assaults, calling them minor. They have indicated that they will ask for a 90 day sentence and say Levin should serve his time on weekends.

The judge in the case has put the decision over to Thursday.