Many young people in Alberta will be making less money starting June 26, but some businesses have pledged not to cut wages.

Though Bill 2 lowers the youth minimum wage by $2, Analog Coffee won't be following suit.

It is one of more than 100 Alberta companies that have signed a pledge on the 'Alberta 15' website to continue paying $15 an hour.

“For us it wasn't about age, I don't think any salary is age-based, just like it's not gender based, it's about skill, training, expertise and that's what we look to grow in our team,” said Russ Prefontaine, owner of Analog Coffee.

The UCP government said it is an attempt to bring investment back into Alberta’s labour market.

A statement from Minister Jason Copping says 'It is encouraging to see businesses that are doing well enough to offer their employees a higher wage.'

For The Calgary Stampede it’s about timing. It will keep the old wage for workers at Stampede 2019 because people were hired before the change was announced.

Wages for future Stampedes will be decided after this year's event.

Even though the organization’s name appears on the 'Alberta 15' website the Stampede says it did notsign the pledge.

“The Calgary Stampede was not aware of the list, nor did it submit its name to the list. The Calgary Stampede supports the Provincial Government’s proposal and will evaluate the opportunities it would afford for the future. Given the timing of the proposal, we don’t anticipate any significant changes to our hiring plan for Stampede 2019. The Calgary Stampede’s immediate focus is the execution of delivering our iconic event for the community. Until we have evaluated what this specifically means for the Stampede we are unable to comment,” said Jenifer Booth, manager of Public Relations and Corporate Communications.

The owner of Analog Coffee has already decided it's best for his business to pay everyone equally.

“For us saving a couple of dollars per hour isn't going to change our business, but focussing on excellent service can,” says Prefontaine.

He adds, they only employ a few youth workers during the school year, but may employ more over the summer.