CALGARY -- A 102-year-old Alberta woman known for her positive attitude is one of the oldest people in the province to survive the coronavirus, according to Alberta Health Services.

Muriel McInnes tested positive for COVID-19 on May 31 and since older people are at a higher risk of developing serious complications, her family was very concerned. But they said the 102-year-old suffered a mild case with a slight cough and fever but was feeling better a few days later.

“The likelihood of surviving this terrible virus was slim but we’re thrilled that she did so well,” said Muriel's daughter, Alison McInnes.

Muriel was born in 1917 in a farmhouse in Portage la Prairie, Man., and lived in that province until 1990 when she and husband moved to Calgary to be near their grandchild.

“She’s lived through a lot, Spanish flu, the dirty thirties, World War II which my father was a soldier in, three floods in Winnipeg with our basement backed up and finally the COVID,” said Alison.

“She’s a survivor.”

McInnes is actually the second oldest person in the province to recover from COVID-19 as AHS says a 105-year-old person has also recovered after contracting the novel coronavirus.

Muriel lives at Intercare  Chinook Centre which had been closed to visitors since March 18 so she was happy when restrictions were lifted on June 26, allowing her family to visit again.

“It’s great,” said Muriel. 

There have been 57 cases linked to Intercare Chinook Centre and and 51 of those have recovered. There were six deaths.

At 102-years-old, Muriel is known for her dedication to her two children and three grandchildren, as well as her stylish dressing and home decorating.

“She always looks at the positive things and doesn’t take life too seriously," said Alison.

She also loves to indulge in treats almost daily, her favourite being Coke and salt and vinegar chips.

Muriel’s family wanted to share her positive story with other seniors feeling isolated and afraid during the pandemic.

“I hope this gives hope to people who are elderly," said Alison.