A university student received a surprise during his drive along a road with an iconic view of the downtown core on Wednesday night as a massive hole opened in the road below the car he was driving.

“I was just coming back from uni and trying to link up with a few buddies,” said Adil Bajwa. “I took a left on this road and the road broke.”

“I just felt my car dip inside and the road just literally broke.”

The sinkhole, measuring several metres long and a metre deep,  emerged shortly before 9:30 p.m. on Crescent Road near 4 Street N.W. and swallowed the Chevrolet Impala sedan.

“This could have happened to anyone,” said Bajwa. “I just happened to take a left turn here and I felt the road just sink inside.”

“I was shook. I was like ‘What the hell happened?’.”

City of Calgary road crews were deployed to the scene and, as of 11:00 p.m., the car remained in the hole. Plans were in place to tow the car out of the sinkhole and to inspect it for damage. 

“Thankfully I’m safe and fine. Hopefully the car’s fine too.”