Six students have been charged with trespassing on their own campus.

The University of Calgary students belong to the group Campus Pro-Life.

The charges stem from an anti-abortion demonstration held in November. That's when the students were warned by the university to not show graphic photos of aborted fetuses.

The students ignored the warning.

The president of the pro-life group questions why the university is taking action against them. "they used to uphold our right to be here and even had a sign that said our right to be here was guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It's a puzzle to me why they would change that," says Leah Hallman.

The university issued a written statement on Monday afternoon saying, "The university has attempted, for several years, to find a reasonable compromise with Campus Pro-Life (CPL) that would give members of the university community the choice to view, or not view, the genocide awareness project display. These efforts, including requests that CPL turn its display signs inward, have been unsuccessful."

The six students that have been charged with trespassing will appear in court on February 27.