Slick conditions have plagued Calgary roads this winter prompting Calgary councillors and Mayor Nenshi to entertain the idea of making snow tires a legal requirement for travel within the city limits.

On Monday, council discussed the topic of mandatory snow tires for passenger vehicles, an idea similar to a law enacted in Quebec in 2008. In the province of Quebec, all taxis and passenger vehicles are prohibited from driving between December 15 and March 15 unless the vehicle is equipped with tires designed specifically for winter driving.

While several councillors and Mayor Nenshi championed the positive impact snow tires have on winter driving, council concedes a municipal law would be difficult to enforce.

“I am a relatively recent convert to winter tires,” explains Nenshi. “I’ve had them for five or six years. You must have them. They make a huge difference and I urge people to do that.”

“Keep in mind, although it's a one-time expense it also enhances and increases the life of your summer tires. So although you have to buy new rims if you’re smart, it's not really a huge expense.”

Nenshi believes the issue of mandatory snow tires is best discussed at the provincial level.