EDMONTON — A southeastern Alberta business owner is hoping police can catch the thieves who broke into her store to pull out a cashless ATM and came back to steal lottery tickets and cigarettes.

The suspects are two masked people who broke into the Debmart Café and Convenience in Oyen, Alta., some 300 kilometres east of Calgary, around 6 a.m. on Nov. 23.  

Using a Ford F-350, the suspects smashed through the front entrance and pulled out the ATM.

They later returned to steal thousands of dollars in merchandise.

The entire burglary was caught on a security camera.

“It’s just a sad thing, but I’m happy nobody was injured," said manager Debbie Schiebelbein.

"And I just hope they catch the people that have done this and lock them up.”

Schiebelbein said she didn't know how much damage was caused to the building, but said it had been structurally impaired.

The store was closed Saturday while the front door was fixed, but Schiebelbein expected to reopen Sunday.  

According to RCMP, the truck that was used was later found "burned out" in a rural area. People were spotted leaving that scene in a large, dark-coloured, lifted Dodge Ram truck that was pulling a white enclosed trailer.  

Anyone with information is asked to call Oyen RCMP at 403-664-3505 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.