Forest fires in B.C. and Alberta are making a big impact in the skies of many cities throughout the province but residents shouldn’t be worried about any adverse air quality.

Smoke is hanging over many cities, including Calgary, leaving a haze over the whole skyline.

The source of the haze is several forest fires burning throughout the province and in B.C. Upper level winds are pulling the smoke in from those fires.

However, the air quality in Calgary is still within safe levels, rated at 4 on the Alberta Quality Health Index.

That means that there is no reason for the general public to change any of their normal routines unless they experience bouts of coughing and throat irritation.

Those who are prone to respiratory problems should consider changing their outdoor activities if they experience symptoms.

The worst areas for air quality in the province are in Beaverlodge near Grande Prairie. The air quality there is at a 7 or high risk. The province says that residents there should consider reducing their outdoor activities and those at risk of respiratory problems should stay inside, especially children and the elderly.

According to the province’s wildfire information website, there is one wildfire burning out of control in Slave Lake, with another being held in Rocky Mountain House, and four others listed as ‘under control’ in Grande Prairie, High Level, and Lac La Biche.