A man in Washington, D.C., is being hailed as a hero after he helped save a Calgary woman in distress.

On Saturday night, Chris Wiggins was enjoying a quiet time at home when he spotted an alert on Twitter that was quickly trending all over the continent.

What grabbed his attention was a woman, who lives in Calgary, bidding goodbye to her family.

Wiggins immediately took it as a threat to her safety.

He messaged her and dug into the message to find out if it was legitimate.

As soon as he learned it was real, he contacted Calgary Police through their non-emergency line.

“I began writing her with the simple question – ‘are you okay?’ and I tried to engage her in a conversation and gain her trust to the point that I said ‘if you need to talk, here’s my cell phone number.’ I said ‘the police are trying to look for you, you know they’re worried, a lot of people are worried about you,’” Wiggins said.

Calgary Police say they’ve been fielding calls on the story all day from all over North America.

They can’t release too many details about the case in order to protect the woman’s identity, but they’ve confirmed that the woman is okay.