Three soldiers who were seriously injured in a 2010 blast on a training ground in Afghanistan took the stand at the court martial for Major Darryl Watts on Tuesday.

Major Watts is charged with manslaughter, negligent performance of a military duty, unlawfully causing bodily harm, and breach of duty.

Major Watts held the rank of Captain and was the Officer in Charge of Practice on February 12, 2010 when a range training incident killed Corporal Joshua Baker, 24, and injured Bombadier Dan Scott, Sergeant Michael Mark McKay, Master Corporal William Pylypow and Corporal Wolfgang Brettner.

Three of those injured soldiers testified at Mewata Armoury on Tuesday.

They described the incident as a disorganized training exercise saying that some soldiers received saftey briefings while others did not.

None of them believed that Major Watts was responsible and they say he was a consciencious leader.

"It's a war zone. It's not intentional. I don't know what the circumstances are, you know, if  I even want to classify it as an accident, but it is combat so it's unfortunate, I don't want that to happen but blame is something outside of that," said Master Corporal Pylypow.

Pylypow was hit in the arm and thought he lost his limb. He says he received good medical attention and has since recovered.

He says he thinks justice is being served and that it is a stressful but necessary procedure.

"There's different scenarios out there, I just represent one but I think it's a good process. It's just stressful," said Pylypow.

Watts’ defence says he was not adequately trained in the use of the device and he should not be held responsible for what happened.