Two local teens are lopping off their locks to raise money for a cause close to their heads and their hearts.

Reese Martens has had epilepsy since he was three.

He and his friend David are shaving their heads to raise money and awareness for the Epilepsy Association of Calgary on Thursday.

“When he told me about this I was kind of iffy about it but I decided to do it to support him,” said David Ritter.

“I shave my head to support others with epilepsy, because they are sometimes more severe than me and need to wear a helmet, cause every day they'll have a seizure,” said Reese Martens.

Reese has frontal lobe epilepsy and uses medication to help control his disorder.

As he gets older the seizures are less frequent and he may even grow out of it.

The Bare Naked Noggins Head Shave gets underway at noon on Thursday at Banker’s Hall.

For more information on the fundraiser, visit the Epilepsy Association of Calgary website.