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Southern Alberta Hutterite Colony donates food hampers to Blood Tribe

Standoff Hutterite Colony donates food hampers to Blood Tribe. Standoff Hutterite Colony donates food hampers to Blood Tribe.

Members of a Hutterite colony in Standoff, Alta. braved the bitter cold and embraced their Christmas spirit on Friday to hand out food hampers to Blood Tribe members.

"We have potatoes, eggs. We have noodles, macaroni, buns, sausage a bit of everything. And hot chocolate – it's cold out!" said Jason Wipf.

The Good Samaritans were situated outside the Kainai Multipurpose building and had a drive-thru available for those who didn't want to leave the comfort of their car.  

Food was also delivered across the reserve to shut-ins and people who otherwise could not drive.

The Standoff Hutterite Colony has been in the region for over 100 years, and members have maintained a close relationship with the Blood Tribe during that time.

Wipf says they know band members have struggled over the last few years due to COVID-19, rising fuel costs and inflation.

"Everybody's finding it harder to make ends meet," said Wipf. "So we're just here giving back to the community."

Blood Tribe members say the generosity is heartwarming.

"This is a good kickoff to the Christmas season," said Winston Bruised Head.

"They're getting everybody in the mood and showing that there's still people out there willing to give and help out the community." Top Stories

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