Calgary police confirm two people were questioned in connection to Wednesday morning's apartment fire along Glenmore Trail.

Fire crews were called to the scene of a building on fire at about 4 a.m. on Wednesday.

When they got to Woodward Mews, located at 827 Glenmore Trail S.W., they had the whole building evacuated, directing dozens of occupants to an adjacent apartment building.

Several Calgary Transit buses has also been brought to the scene to protect those residents from the cold.

The fire apparently began in a unit on the first floor of the building and triggered an alarm.

One person was inside at the time, but they were able to get out of the fire by themselves. The remaining residents were helped out by fire crews.

"We did have to move a couple people out of the building from the second story on the other side using ladders simply because of the volume of smoke in the hallways at that time," said CFD Battalion Chief Al Magwood.

A witness at the scene tells CTV News that the alarm at the building actually goes off all the time, so when it went off on Wednesday, they didn't believe that anything was wrong at first, until they spotted black smoke billowing from the building.

"It was terrible. Other times there were fire alarms and it wasn't that bad, I thought it was just one of them, but when I got outside, I was like 'oh my gosh, it's actually bad this time'. We were kind of panicking, just a good thing we got outside," said Muhtasmul Huq, a resident of the building.

Another resident said that with the frequency of the alarms at the building, most people stayed in bed despite the fact there really was an issue this time.

"They thought it was fake. Then, Alex over there came to our door and knocked on our door and said there was smoke," said Melissa Moody.

Moody said that the fire was started in a unit of the building that had had problems before. She says that the police had attended the apartment several times for a long list of issues related to the drug and sex trade.

She says that the landlord of the building doesn't do anything about it. "That's a problem apartment. The SWAT team comes, kicks the doors in. We've seen them in the hallway, The landlord won't do anything."

Moody says she wants those residents to leave the building so they can live in peace.

Another man, who didn't want to be identified, says that he isn't surprised to hear that there was a fire at the apartment. "It's caused problems before. This one and another one down from me have been causing trouble for about a year. Screaming, yelling, fighting. The landlord hasn't done a thing about it."

He says that he had heard the tenant in the unit had been told to leave about three weeks ago. "He still hasn't gone anywhere. He was kicked out by another person that was taking care of the building. I grow a tad tired about it."

Fire crews have since extinguished the fire and are now monitoring hot spots so an investigation can begin.

As of 2:30 p.m., police continue to question one unidentified person in connection to the fire. A second person was released from CPS custody earlier in the day.

Arson investigators have also been called to the scene to determine how the fire started.