An Edmonton woman says her plans to travel to Calgary for a Stampede concert on Saturday were almost cancelled after her tickets were refunded with no explanation from the organizer, until CTV Calgary stepped in.

Crystal Moze purchased eight tickets to see American rapper Machine Gun Kelly at Knoxville’s Stampede tent on Saturday night.

Moze received the purchase confirmation and tickets over email, but a few days later noticed the money had been refunded on her bank statement.

“I’m a loyal fan to him [Machine Gun Kelly] and it breaks my heart deeply that I can’t be there, it devastates me,” said Moze.

Moze said she tried to reach out to the promoters multiple times.

“I messaged them six times before I finally got a reply and they knew it was about tickets. They refused to help me and just pointed me to the direction of the third party ticket seller,” said Moze. "After the third time of calling them, they said the bank flagged it as suspicious fraudulent purchases on my credit card.”

Moze said her bank told her there was no suspicious activity on her account and that she is disappointed with the customer service.

“All I wanted them to do was rectify the situation, which was let me pay what I originally paid for my tickets. They pretty much told me I was out of luck and that I had to buy them at the price they were now selling them at which was almost double what I bought them for,” said Moze.

On Friday afternoon, the only tickets left for sale were $74.25, including taxes and fees.

Moze says she is a student and mother of five and it’s unreasonable for her to spend extra and that's why she reached out to CTV.

The show is presented by Blueprint Alberta and Nightshift Entertainment and tickets are being sold through Front Gate Tickets.

In a statement, Nate Sabine, the Director of Business Development with Blueprint said, "There was an issue with the billing address connected to the card, which triggered the refund. The customer has been contacted and given a couple of ways to access the show, including one free ticket for the hassle."

Moze said she was told her friends will be able to purchase tickets for the original price they paid.