A number of companies and businesses hold parties in July each year to celebrate the 10 days of Stampede but this year a new initiative is underway to help three city charities.

The event is called Stampede Party with a Purpose and 100 percent of the proceeds with go to the Calgary Homeless Foundation, Keys to Recovery and Dil Walk Foundation.

“It’s a perfect, nice time to raise awareness of the issues out there and really come up with some funds so that we can continue to help those that really need us,” said Karen Crowther, Keys to Recovery.

“Music with peace and spirituality draws people together as a community, it’s not separate, it’s together. It’s a collaborative effort and it’s a time to party with everybody else,” said Hilary Chappel, Client Action Committee, Calgary Homeless Foundation.

The three day event is hosted by Civic on Third and features seven Canadian recording artists including; George Canyon, Alee, Jordan McIntosh, Matt Blais, Dan Davidson, Matt Masters and Aaron Pollock.

“Music is about community at its core. From a drum circle to a concert, it’s about people coming together so that’s kind of the mission statement behind this, It’s very much what I do or what I try to do so things coming together, different charities coming together, bands coming together for a common purpose, I was really excited by that right away,” said Matt Blais.

Stampede Party with a Purpose is on July 12, 13 and 14 and doors open at 7:00 a.m.

Click HERE for tickets and more information.

(With files from Brad MacLeod)