With the current state of cell phone technology, many smart phone owners have developed a deep attachment, known as nomophobia, to their mobile devices and feel a sense of stress if they're separated from their phones.

A new report by Roger's Communication shows 65 per cent of Canadians feel naked without their smart phone and internet access.

The study was compiled in 2012 and since that time, the number of people sleeping with their cell phones has increased as well as the number of people taking their phones with them into the washroom.

Many people rely on their cell phones for more than just talking.  The cell phones are essentially small computers.

"It's about necessity and everything I do seems to add an app to the phone,” says Gary Williamson, a cell phone addict.  “Where I used to rely on computer at home now I can do a lot of stuff I typically would do at home on the phone."

There is a psychological connection to cell phones as well.

Humans are creatures of habit and having a phone around often becomes a learned behavior or a repeated behavior.

“For any over learned behavior, if it's absent, you're going to miss it,” says David Hodgins, a professor of psychology at the University of Calgary.  “So in a sense it's a bit of a withdrawal process because it's so constant in our lives.”