CALGARY -- A group held a peaceful protest in the city’s northeast Friday to show support for Black women in Calgary. 

The gathering focused on minorities who are forced to work in less than ideal conditions; something organizers say happens too often.

“It is ridiculous to put us in a predicament where we have to consider it’s either our lives or our livelihood,” organizer Shuana Porter said.

Protestors spoke at length about Debbie Onwu, a Wood’s Homes caregiver who was killed on-shift last October.

Rallies have previously been held in Onwu’s name by both family members and coworkers, all calling for safer working conditions.

Those at Friday’s protest say Onwu is just one example of a black woman being put in a tough workplace situation. Porter says too often women of colour are both underpaid and under-protected.

She hopes the rally can continue the momentum around the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I wanted to make sure I came out and let people know that if we are going to talk about black lives, if we are going to talk about Breonna Taylor, if we are going to look into the States and into not ignore what’s happening in our backyard.”

Onwu was stabbed to death inside the assisted living residence on October 25th. An 18-year-old is facing second degree murder charges.