CALGARY -- The provincial government is mulling removing biannual time changes and the idea has prompted a strong response from Albertans.

An online survey created by the UCP government to gather "input on the future of time change in Alberta" elicited more than 140,000 responses.

The survey, which closed Dec. 10, asked Albertans whether they would approve a move to constant mountain daylight time. There was not an option for adopting mountain standard time on a continual basis.

British Columbia tabled legislation in October to adopt 'Pacific Time', currently known as pacific daylight time, year round. The bill, which has not been approved, followed a poll commissioned by the provincial government where 93 per cent of respondents approved of eliminating time changes.

Saskatchewan does not observe time changes.

Service Alberta Minister Nate Glubish's office confirms it is currently reviewing the feedback and has not disclosed whether the majority of respondents supported or opposed a change to the observation of time changes.