CALGARY -- A Facebook group dedicated to the escapades of Turk the Turkey says the wild bird likely met its demise in Bridgeland.

According to the post on the Loyal Followers of the Ramsay Turkey Facebook page, maintenance crews at Columbus Manor discovered evidence indicating that Turk had been snatched by a predatory animal, possibly a coyote, early Friday morning.

The wild turkey has been making the rounds through inner-city communities since first being spotted in the southeast neighbourhood of Ramsay in the spring of 2019.

In the year that followed, Turk sightings were reported in Hillhurst, Sunnyside, Eau Claire and Bridgeland — where he had become a fixture outside of the Willow Park seniors independent living facility.

The following is Avery Maxwell's July 24 post to the Facebook page:

This is the post I had dreaded writing.

I'm very sorry to report that there is evidence that sometime in the early morning hours that Turk had been taken by what we believe to be a coyote. Maintenance at Columbus Manor in Bridgeland kindly contacted me this morning let me know.

Needless to say, this is devastating news for all of us. I'm personally heartbroken.

Unfortunately this is often a fate shared by many animals living wild, and it also unfortunately even sometimes happens in animals kept in farms, zoos or sanctuaries.

It's true that Turk has been lucky enough to thrive well beyond what would have been his original fate, and had so many interesting adventures and had so many who loved him.

On behalf of all of us with broken hearts, I would like to say thank you to Turk for providing such joy in a time when it sometimes seems so hard to come by, welcome distraction, connection, investigation and education. For blessing us with his presence, and for being the best and most unlikely inner-city ambassador we could ask for.

We will love you always. ��
Avery, Liz, Vincent, Matt, Greg, Peter, Erin

These are very trying times, and Turk meant a lot to us.
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