Air Canada experienced a system-wide interruption at its customer contact centre and that caused delays for passengers travelling through Calgary’s airport.

The airline reported technical difficulties with its website on Monday morning and the issue impacted booking and check in services, operations and departures.

The airline’s IT department worked to identify the issue and restore service. Just before noon, officials confirmed that the systems were back online but said there would be some delays.

Passengers were being checked in manually at airports across the country including Calgary and that caused a few lineups.

Damien Stain is from Australia and was trying to make his way from Calgary to Vancouver when his flight was cancelled.

“We’re just sitting here trying to rebook our flights and we’ve tried to ask the hostess to help us and they just told us to ring a number and it’s been a bit chaotic so it’s not very well organized or anything like that,” he said.

Air Canada issued a statement on Monday morning saying…

“Today’s computer issues have had a wide impact on our customers and we apologize for any inconvenience. Our prime concern is to operate safely and to do so we must first ensure our computer systems are functioning properly. We appreciate our customers’ patience and as part of our recovery preparations we are arranging additional staffing to get our customers on their way as soon as possible,” said Benjamin Smith, President, Passenger Airlines at Air Canada.

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