Dozens of people gathered together Saturday afternoon in the community of Marlborough to bring an end to bullying.

The event’s organizer, Manwar Khan, says his passion for the cause was sparked after witnessing something terrible on a train in Edmonton last year.

A man was severely beaten, and his injuries were so severe, they eventually claimed his life.  Khan says passengers on the train witnessed the assault but were too frightened to do anything.

Khan hopes anti-bullying rallies will empower people to do the right thing.

“If you are a bystander, you don't want to be a silent bystander,” says Khan.  “When you see bullying please try to help the victims.  You don't have to intervene, you can walk away from there and get help from other people, just try to help the victim

Khan has previously organized a rally in Edmonton and plans to hold another event in Lethbridge in the next few weeks.