It’s not everyday that you see a High School quarterback leap over a defender, but Chestermere’s Brad Taubert left a confused opponent grasping at air.

“A few plays before he went to hit me and he went really low,” explains Taubert.  “I decided that if I got a chance to go up against him again, I'd just jump over top.”

“I've always wanted to hurdle, and I’ve seen it done in the professional ranks, so I just didn’t really think about it, I just sorta jumped and landed back on my feet.”

Brad's been playing football since the age of 8 and the multi-faceted quarterback is more than just the Chestermere Cowboy's starting pivot.

“When the balls turned over and we're on defense I'm the safety,” says Taubert.  “I also punt the ball and return kicks and punts.”

“I do most everything on the field aside from kicking field goals.”

And how does Taubert feel when the final whistle is blown?

“Pretty beat,” says Taubert.  “I may get off the field only once or twice during the game but when you win you don't feel as bad.”

Brian Utley, the head coach of the Cowboys, has high praise for Taubert.

“Brad has off the charts athletic ability,” says Utley.  “I mean football is the ultimate team game but sometimes you just get an exceptional player and he also has the intensity and a great work ethic.”

“In my 34 years here, he's probably top 3 or 4 all time.”

Brad also has a passion for horses. In the summer he works as a ranch hand for chuckwagon driver Kirk Sutherland.

When his high school football career ends, Taubert has plans for his post-secondary education.

“I really want to get into policing with the RCMP,” says Taubert.  “So I’m going to go down to Lethbridge and take my criminology courses for two years.”

“I think football has given me the leadership that I’m going to need to take on with my career of being a police officer.  Just being in that team atmosphere is going to really help me out a lot.”

Brad Taubert is the CTV Athlete of the Week sponsored by Big Chief Beef Jerky.