Kennedy Zaytsoff, 17, is a member of the Strathmore Figure Skating Club and on weekends she can be found at Winsport working with her Special Olympics Coach Barb Prystai.

“She was probably about nine or ten years old and her coach in Strathmore Leanne had seen me at a seminar and thought I’ve got a girl that should come and fit in here so she started. She's just a great title skater and lots of fun, super upbeat,” said Prystai.

Kennedy has been perfecting her technique since she started skating at age five.

“I like the spinning and jumping. I’m working on a double sow,” said Kennedy.

After a 1-2 finish at her first Nationals in March, Kennedy has been selected to go to the Worlds in Korea this January.

“I'm really excited I can't like, I'm getting like excited each and every day,” asid Kennedy. “My mom is trying to go she's saving up.”

Kennedy and teammate Meg Ohsada will represent Alberta on the Team Canada squad.

“It’s to know that what they've been training for, that they can do anything. Just because they have a disability doesn't mean that they're disabled,” said Prystai. “It’s rewarding to see them reach their potential.”

“It means that I can do my best and do like, win medals,” said Kennedy.

For her can-do attitude Kennedy Zaytsoff Is the CTV Calgary Athlete of the week for Friday, November 16, 2012.