CALGARY -- Finn Herrero is still on cloud nine after scoring the biggest goal of his hockey career.

The 14-year-old's Glenlake Hawks faced the Knights in the Esso Minor Hockey Bantam two championship game Saturday night.

The game was scoreless midway through the third when Herrero thought he’d try something different. He thought it was the right time to try his lacrosse style move.

"So I was behind the net and no one was on me," recalled Herrero. "I was like why not because it could give us the lead. I tried it and honestly don’t remember what happened because it was a blur."

The puck found the twine and ended up being the game winning goal. Finn say he still can’t believe it actually happened.

"I watched the replay quite a bit because I was kind of still blown away that it happened. It was in our ESSO final so it was a perfect time to do it.”

Finn’s mom Mia Herrero was in the stands cheering for the Hawks. She says that goal is something they’ll all remember for a long time.

"Honestly, my jaw dropped. He always says he is going to try that move. The fact that he actually did it and executed it cleanly and he scored was amazing."

The lacrosse style goal — when a player flips the puck onto the blade of their stick then lifts it up and tucks it past the goalie — isn’t easy to perfect. NHLers have tried it and failed. Only a couple have actually pulled it off. The fact Finn was able to do it with so much on the line makes it even more incredible. He says he got his inspiration from NHL players.

"Obviously Andrei Svechikov is the first person to do it in the NHL and that inspired me," said Finn. "I wanted to work toward it so I could get better at it and maybe even do it in a game, but I really didn’t expect to do it in our finals game."

Finn believes he was able to score the lacrosse-style goal because he practices the move a lot.

"Anytime there was like an empty time in practice between whistles or whatever I would try it out on our goalie. Or when I was waiting in line I’d practice picking it up with my stick. Basically it took a while. All year I’ve been trying it."

And that’s why for Finn Herrero practice makes perfect.