CALGARY -- A 17-year-old Lethbridge mom inspired by her own mother wants to show dignity and grace to the homeless through donations of clothing and accessories.

Aliyah Dussome can remember watching her mom take the shoes off her feet and hand them to a barefoot woman walking downtown. “We saw this lady walking across the road with no shoes on, her leggings tucked under her heels to protect her from the ground. My mom pulled over and handed her her shoes right off her feet,” Dussome told CTV Lethbridge in an interview.  Dussome has always been inspired to give back thanks to her mom’s guidance and support.

Aliyah's mom, Carrie Dahl, says giving the shoes away wasn’t meant to be a life lesson for her kids - just the right thing to do. But it may have planted a seed of generosity in Aliyah's spirit nevertheless.

“Seeing that choice that day made such an impact on her and inspired her to do something so big-  it’s perfect," Dahl said.

The big thing is her clothing line “Dignity & Grace.” For every item purchased, Dussome donates a duplicate item to the organization of their choice. So far, she’s donated hoodies, t-shirts and toques to Streets Alive Mission and Sage Clan Patrol in Lethbridge. “I wanted to give back to the community and bring recognition to those facing the streets and I wanted to make a better future for my son’s generation,” said Dussome.

Dussome’s son is six months old and is the inspiration for the clothing line. “I wanted life for my son to be better when he grows up,” Dussome said.


Dahl says she’s so excited her daughter has taken on such a task, especially at her age and being a young mom, and says she couldn’t be more proud of the impact she’s going to have on those in need. “What she’s doing is amazing’ said Dahl. "She really is helping the people that otherwise have fallen through the cracks.”

For each item donated, purchasers have the option of writing a message of hope for the recipients. So far, the messages have included “I believe in you, you’re somebody and thank you for existing.”

You can view the clothing online.