Hundreds of teachers from Calgary and southern Alberta participated in a special event on Saturday to help them prepare their students for the future economy.

The TransformEd Summit, hosted by Telus Spark!, brings together educators and leaders to help brainstorm strategies to help young people become trained properly so they can get jobs in 2030.

Elka Walsh, a chief education and learning officer at Telus Spark, says it’s an “amazing” opportunity to build learning strategies for students.

“What we’re doing is imagining the future of learning. We’re looking at technologies that will help us create inclusive classrooms and also prepare our students with the digital skills they need to be successful.”

She says some of the technologies include Flipgrid, a tool that allows students to record their voice in a journal so they can recall what they’ve learned over the days.

“This is a great opportunity for kids with learning differences, so we can include them in a classroom and get them excited about learning and they can feel like they’re part of it.”

Experts say by 2030, 10 percent of jobs in the economy will be in industries that don’t currently exist.