CALGARY — A six-year-old Calgary boy who suffers from Krabbe disease has received hundreds of  cards leading up to his seventh birthday.

Cade put out the call for cards on his Facebook page at the beginning of October, thinking he would get about 10.

“They’ve been stacking up. He’s been getting more and more excited,” said his nurse Kendra McLachlan, who came up with the idea.

As of Wednesday morning Cade had received 181 pieces of mail, and well over 200 cards from across Canada and around the world.

Cade was diagnosed with late infantile onset Krabbe disease, and is believed to be the only Calgary-area child with the neurological condition.

"Each year is kind of a big celebration because we kind of don’t expect another year each year," said Cade’s mom Melissa Huitema.

"The fact we are getting close to his seventh birthday is nothing short of a miracle,” she added.

Cade’s seventh birthday is Nov. 6.

Cards can be sent to a temporary PO Box.

PO Box 12028 Copperfield PO

Calgary, AB     T2Z 1H4