The city is testing the new West LRT tracks and has added two new trains to ride the line and work out any bugs within the system.

The two trains were added to the system on May 13 and mark a milestone for the project.

Two more test trains will be added to the mix in the coming months to check the mechanical, electical and operational systems from the Sunalta to 69 St. stations.

Extensive tests will be done to ensure the LRT cars are operating consistently in a safe and proper manner.

The tests will also give Calgarians a chance to look at the new Sunalta Station guideway and see the testing of the safety systems along the whole line.

Crews are working to complete the road resurfacing and paving along the route and hope to have the interior construction at the new stations done by the end of the year.

The official opening day for the West LRT is slated for early 2013.

Recent reports say the West LRT is behind schedule and over budget by somewhere in the range of $35M, with the total price on the project reach $1.4B.

For more information, visit the West LRT website.