A Thailand police officer, who shot a Calgary man to death, is now a suspect in the death of his pregnant wife.

Authorities in Bangkok say the officer's 18-year-old pregnant wife was clubbed to death with a large stick.

It happened in the police married quarters in the same town where Leo Del Pinto was killed.

In 2008, off-duty police officer Uthai Dechawiwat says he accidentally shot the 25-year-old Calgary man during an altercation on the street.

Ernie Del Pinto says when he heard about the young woman's death he wasn't just shocked, he was also angry. "I just shook my head in disbelief."

Del Pinto says he wished the Canadian government had pushed Thai officials harder to keep the officer in jail after the death of his son.

"I'm fighting for justice for Leo. It has been two-and-a-half years, now I'm fighting for justice for this young girl," says Del Pinto.

Ernie Del Pinto is still waiting for Dechawiwat to stand trial for Leo's murder. He now hopes news linking the man to another death will help ensure justice for Leo is finally served.