When he talks, dogs listen and their owners lap up what he has to say.

Cesar Millan, the man known as the dog whisperer, is in Calgary Sunday, and hundreds of dogs and their owners lined up to see him.

Tracey Beale and her pooch Shiner arrived at the Pet Valu store in Royal Oak at 4 a.m.

"My life is dogs. My life has gone to the dogs," said Beale.

Jennifer MacFarlane brought her dog Beauregard who was rescued from Hurricane Katrina.

"I'm sure that none of us expect him to fix our dogs in 20 seconds, but just knowing there is someone out there who can make it a little easier for you when you are trying, because it's not the easiest thing in the world," said MacFarlane referring to problems with her dog.

April Borne lined up with her dog Bailey for the chance to see Millan.

"We are both Cesar fans and I actually used some of his training techniques on my dog," commented Borne.

Inside the store, Millan met the dogs and their owners, posed for pictures, signed books and offered insight into his methods

"I don't train dogs, I train people. What that means is, to help people to open their minds to a different perspective, you know my clients are smart people, Harvard graduates, but they can't walk a Chihuahua, so what I teach is instincts, it's common sense," said Millan.

But many dog trainers maintain Millan's techniques are flawed and possibly dangerous.

"People who are trying to replicate what Cesar does are going to get bitten in my opinion, you know a child flipping a dog on its back is going to get nipped," said certified professional dog trainer, Kirsten Rose.

Millan claims his critics don't understand what he's doing.

"They don't see the whole picture. My goal is to create a dog lover world, their other option is to just teach people to train dogs," added Millan.

Outside in the line, Millan's fans are quick to defend his style.

"I think he's brought in a whole new philosophy with dogs so people and their dogs can get along better," said dog owner Debie Morrison.

Millan rose to fame training the dogs of celebrities, like Oprah Winfrey. But Sunday's turnout proves he's become a celebrity in his own right.

Millan has a public performance scheduled Sunday at 7:30 p.m. at the Saddledome.