Residents of a southwest community are banding together after a series of residential break and enters occurred in their neighborhood.   

The crime spree has struck the Lincoln Park area over the past few weeks.  At least seven homes have been targeted and thieves have forced their way into a number of parked vehicles.  The break-ins have happened within blocks of each other.

Some homeowners who have been victimized are going door to door to ensure their neighbours are aware of the recent string of robberies.

The thieves are targeting items ranging from jewelry to electronics to clothing.  In some of the Lincoln Park thefts, the homeowners have been in the house when the thieves hit.

“It’s definitely unsettling,” says Michelle, a recent victim of a break and enter.  “It’s an invasion of personal privacy.  To having someone rummage through your stuff is an uncomfortable thought.”

Duty Inspector Paul Stacey of the Calgary Police Service says thieves aim to profit off the holiday season.

“There are a lot of gifts in houses and people know that,” says Inspector Stacey.  “After the Christmas season, when you’ve finished unwrapping your gifts, don’t leave boxes outside that advertise what’s in your house.”

Police continue to investigate the break and enters.