CALGARY -- After visiting northwestern B.C. for two weeks, Mark Kruger returned to his Marlborough Park home last Wednesday to find hundreds of tools had been stolen.

“Shock, I was in shock,” said Kruger, a machinist by trade. 

“Then I was very angry.”

Kruger says he had three Kennedy toolboxes, which are typically used by machinists to carry their equipment, including:

  • An 11 drawer Kennedy toolbox Model 52611 
  • An eight-drawer Kennedy toolbox Model 526
  • A two-drawer Kennedy toolbox Model MC28

He says those three toolboxes cost about $1,000. 

“I mean, this is low, stealing a man’s livelihood, that’s pretty low,” said Kruger.

Kruger has spoken to police, who have started an investigation. 

Although the tools don’t have serial numbers, Kruger says they are specifically marked with initials of his family members. 

“Somebody would have had to have known the tools were there,” he said.  “So whoever has those tools, they’re identifiable, no serial numbers but there are initials on them, MK, for Mark Kruger, KK or WK.” 

Specific gauge blocks, parallels, Allen keys, telescope gauges and depth gauges were also taken. 

Police say if you have any information on the theft, to give them a call at 403-266-1234 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.