A seasonal confection created by a rogue baker at a southeast Tim Hortons store without the approval of the store’s head office has been removed from the shelves over concerns the goods were disrespectful and potentially misled customers.

On Saturday, November 4, 'Poppy Donuts' were available for sale at the Tim Hortons location in the 4900 block of Barlow Trail Southeast in the Valleyfield Industrial Park.

Profits from the sale of the poppy doughnuts, designed by a baker at the shop, did not benefit veterans. An employee of the store found the Remembrance Day inspired doughnuts to be disrespectful, reported the item to Tim Hortons' head office and the doughnuts were removed from the store's shelves.

On Wednesday afternoon, a member of the Tim Hortons Media Relations Team confirmed to CTV Calgary that all proceeds from the sale of the unauthorized poppy doughnuts would be donated to the Royal Canadian Legion.

"As a proud Canadian brand, we have the utmost respect and honour for our veterans. The Restaurant Owner, who independently owns and operates this Restaurant in Calgary, will be matching and donating 100% of the Poppy donut proceeds to the Royal Canadian Legion."

Tim Hortons officials have not confirmed how many of the unauthorized doughnuts were sold.