He’s not your typical fan of electronic dance music.

Darius Irani is only eight years old.

But his idol is house DJ Deadmau5, and Darius’s dream is to see him live.

So the Calgary boy has been busy on social media.

Every day, he has drawn a different version of the iconic Deadmau5 symbol and, with the help of his dad, posted it to twitter, along with the promise to post one every day until he meets the Canadian DJ.

His efforts have paid off.

Not only has he gained more than four thousand followers in a week, the musician himself has taken notice, tweeting to what is likely his youngest fan.

“He said sometimes if you keep your word, then it might come true,” says Darius.

Deadmau5 is scheduled to play a show in Edmonton on December 28th.

There’s no word yet of a Calgary addition.

(With files from Kathy Le)