An 18-month-old child was mauled by a dog at a home in the Langdon area and is now recovering in hospital in Calgary.

Rocky View County fire crews responded to a dog attack on a child on Thursday morning and provided medical attention until EMS arrived.

EMS attended the scene at about 7:30 a.m. and transported the child to Alberta Children’s Hospital in non-life threatening condition with bites to the face and upper torso.

Rocky View officials say the child is not related to the dog’s owner and that the dog is now in quarantine.

Joe Ummels lives in the neighbourhood and knows both the owners of the dog and the family of the injured boy.

“Really relieved that the kid’s going to be alright,” said Ummels. “He had a fair bit of facial injuries so he’ll be in the hospital for about three days I heard.”

Ummels says the dog's owners and the toddler's family are great friends and he doesn't think there will be any animosity going forward.”

The Langdon resident says he was shocked to hear of the attack given the nature of the dogs that live in the home.

“From my personal experiences with the dogs, they’ve been absolutely perfect dogs. Very well behaved, very well trained.”

The dog’s owners say they will have the animal euthanized when the quarantine period is over.

Bylaw Services is investigating the incident and will determine in the next few days if charges will be laid.