CALGARY — From cruising in a cop car to meeting canine officers, a little girl with a rare medical condition got to share a special experience with members of the Calgary Police Service on Thursday.

Now 19-months-old, Ryah Reiley was born with trisomy 13, a condition most children don’t survive with past the age of one, so her family made a bucket list of experiences they wanted to share with her, including seeing the ocean, going to the zoo and riding in a police cruiser.

“It means a lot to us,” said her mother, Janelle Reiley, about checking the police car ride off the list.

“Very thankful for the people we have to support us and Ryah.”

The Reiley’s also got to meet members of the Mounted Police Unit and explore the YouthLink police museum. 

Ryah’s family had help with the experience as they are one of eight families Calgary company DIRTT Environmental Solutions is helping through its Adopt-a-Family program, which is funded by employees.

“We found out Ryah has a bucket list and we thought we’d check off some of those items today thanks to the Calgary police,” said DIRTT community lead Melissa Allan, who added that they will also be providing some special Christmas experiences for the family.

Trisomy 13 is a rare chromosomal condition associated with intellectual disability and physical abnormalities. 

Ryah Reiley Calgary

“She was born with the extra fingers and extra toes and the cleft lip,” said Reiley.

“She is partially blind and partially deaf and she does have other very hard health problems as well.”

At 19-months-old, Ryah has surpassed many doctors’ expectations.

“She is a little fighter. She has shocked a lot of the doctors,” said her mom.

The family hopes to scratch another item of the bucket list soon by flying in an airplane.

Ryah Reiley bucket list Calgary