The owner of one of two dogs that died after a trip to the Cereal area at the end of July is calling on the village to take responsibility after tests confirmed his pet was poisoned.

Several people reported that the town sprayed the baseball diamonds and surrounding fields with a liquid to decrease the gopher population in the park.

Some say there were signs posted but the family of one of the dogs, named Chester, say that there was nothing on them that said ‘toxic’ or ‘poison’.

The second dog that died was just a puppy and two other dogs were also taken to veterinary clinics after they became sick.

Toxicology tests done on Chester came back positive for strychnine, which is a poison used to eliminate rodents.

Shane Steininger says the family wants the village to take responsibility for Chester's death.

“Take responsibility, right? Nobody wanted to take responsibility when it happened, but that's kind of what we are looking for, them to admit they did something that wasn't proper,” he said.

Steininger says there should have been better signage and that he hopes changes will be made to the process in the future.