Beginning this weekend, a four kilometre stretch of Macleod Trail will be without traffic lights following the opening of the first of two overpasses at 162 Avenue.

This weekend’s opening of the southern overpass bridge, spanning Macleod Trail, will coincide with the removal of the traffic lights at the intersection.

"One of the goals of this project was to provide motorists with free-flow of traffic on Macleod Trail," said Ward 13 Councillor, Diane Colley-Urquhart. "By completing the first section of the overpass and separating the traffic, Macleod Trail is now free-flowing from Lake Fraser Gate to 194 Avenue.”

The southern overpass bridge will accommodate eastbound and westbound traffic, pedestrians and cyclists throughout construction of the northern overpass.

. “Although only partially completed at this time, the final interchange structure will make it easier for people to use the services off 162 Avenue and Sun Valley Boulevard,” said Ward 14

For the remainder of October, there will be no access to eastbound Sun Valley Boulevard or westbound 162 Ave. S. from southbound Macleod Trail.  

Construction on the interchange, which will become the first urban diverging diamond interchange Canada, is expected to continue through fall 2017