LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. -- A Lethbridge man faces multiple charges after a traffic stop by police led to a huge cache of stolen property and drugs.

The traffic stop on April 1, 2021 took place in the 500 block of 23rd Street North in Lethbridge. The man driving was Lethbridge resident Stephen Reidy, 35, who was arrested for breach of a release order relating to a previous charge of break-and-enter at a rural southern Alberta business.

After consulting with Gleichen RCMP, Reidy was charged in relation to another break-and-enter at a business near Strathmore, where theft and damages to property totaled in excess of $500,000.

On April 7, Lethbridge’s Priority Crimes Unit (PCU) arrested Reidy on other warrants, which led to a search of a storage locker, his residence and vehicle.

There, police recovered around $50,000 worth of tools, electronics, copper wire, drugs (including methamphetamine) and other items.

A number of items were directly related to the break-in Gleichen RCMP officers were investigating, while further investigation by the Priority Crimes Unit led to the belief that a number of items came from two break-ins at well sites outside Taber.

Reidy faces the following charges:

●        Six counts of failure to comply with a release order;

●       Four counts of possession of stolen property under $5000;

●       One count of possession of stolen property over $5,000;

●       One count of possession of break-and-enter tools and;

●       Two counts of possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine).

He has been remanded in custody. Reidy’s next court appearance will be Friday, April 30.

RCMP said additional charges from other law enforcement agencies are also possible.